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London’s most inclusive disability psychotherapy service

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About Us

Lapis provides specialist counselling and psychotherapy to those affected by disability and life-changing health conditions and their families and carers


Who are we?

Lapis is a registered charity whose vision is to provide an accessible psychotherapy service to those with physical disabilities and health conditions, learning disabilities and neurodivergence, and to also make this service available to their families and carers.

  • Low cost, physically accessible services with an open-ended therapy model
  • On-line and face-to-face individual counselling and psychotherapy for people of any age. Lapis also facilitates online mindfulness groups and mindful movement groups
  • Accessible community settings for those wishing to attend face-to-face
  • Anyone can make a referral
Lapis has developed similar therapies for companies and organisations wanting to partner with us, as well as a range of workshops, training and mental health support programmes.

What we do?

1. Personal therapy for individuals
After an initial assessment by a mental health professional, clients are contacted by a therapist. Sessions are then booked by the clients directly with their therapist and take place in person or online. In-person sessions can currently take place at the following locations: Jacksons Lane Community Centre, Archway Road, London N6 or The Gestalt Centre, London NW1.

2. Partnership Model
Lapis partners with charities and business organisations who wish to improve their inclusive and responsible business practices to become more ethical employers.

3. Workshops and Mental Health Support Programmes
Lapis provides support, workshops and training sessions geared towards your organisation's values.


Support Us

Lapis is a charity and financially relies on individual and corporate donations, grants and corporate partnerships.   If you support our goals, we'd very much welcome any contribution that you or your organisation can make.

Lapis also relies on an extensive network of professional volunteers for the provision of therapeutic services as well as trustees and 'back-end' support with tech, social media, finance etc. We'd love to hear from you if you have any time or skills to offer us.

Lapis need low-cost/no-cost accessible therapy rooms for face-to-face sessions. Do let us know if you have any suitable spaces in North London.

      Contact us:    phone +44 774 750 0957 or email